Wake up with Becca & Malone!
Sam Malone grew up in Easton Pa, from a very tight Italian family, with pasta every Sunday and maybe even Monday and Tuesday with a strong value of FAMILY and Friends! At 43 years old he still pretens to be a quarterback in his backyard! Sam loves country music as well as oldies, favorite Country artists include Carrie, Tim and Miranda, Favorite all time would be Rolling Stones.

Becca also grew up in Eastern PA! She is a wife, mom of 2 and a crazy Lord Of The Rings Fan! Becca loves country music almost as much as you do, along with 80’s & 90’s Pop music

Brent Nathaniel
Brent is a Northeast South Dakota transplant to Pierre. After spending four years attending three different schools to get his two year degree, he’s spent the last 15 years not using that degree for stations in Sioux City, Watertown, Milbank, Sisseton and most recently, Aberdeen.  In his spare time, Brent enjoys photography, cooking and watching movies with his wife and fur baby.

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Dave Fuller
Dave knew growing up near Detroit, Michigan that he wanted to be on the radio for as long as he could remember. Dave got my first job answering the request line and learning the business from legendary DJ’s at 15 years old, and has been in radio since! The radio adventure has allowed him to see our great country! Dave been coast to coast, working at stations from Florida to California!


Steve Edwards
Steve has always loved radio, but his first ‘hands-on’ experience was at a county fair in Texas when he was 6 or 7.  A country station was doing a remote out of a big step van.  His dad had to lift him up to the windows so he could see their mobile studio.  When the D.J. waved and said hello to him – on the air – Steve was hooked.  Steve loves all types of music, but country is his favorite.