Three Vocal Duo trophies and counting, Brothers Osborne “still feel like an underdog”

ABC/Image Group LA Going into Sunday’s ACM Awards, Brothers Osborne already have quite an array of trophies to their credit: two Vocal Duo wins from the CMA, plus honors for New Vocal Duo and Vocal Duo of the Year from the Academy of Country Music.

Yet, TJ and John are still as down-to-earth as ever.

“After having won awards and having some accolades that I [never] thought in my wildest dreams I would obtain,” TJ says thoughtfully, “going there now, I still feel like an underdog…”

“Oh yeah,” John agrees. “‘Cause we are.”

Still, the Brothers admit they’re in a much better place than in years past.

“It feels incredible!” John says of being the reigning Vocal Duo. “It feels a lot better than going there and not being nominated for anything. Or in years past, we’ve been nominated for things and we already knew that we lost before we got out there.”

“We got nominated for an award two years ago,” TJ explains, “and they announced it early, and we knew we had already lost. And we were on the red carpet having to answer what it felt like to lose…”

This year, there’s an unexpected entry in the category:  Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

“It’s just like, holy cow!” TJ says.

“Tim alone and Faith alone! The two combined?” John laughs. “It’s pretty amazing… you know, if we have to lose to someone like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, man, that’s awesome. That’s an honor!” 

Brothers Osborne are also up for Video of the Year for “It Ain’t My Fault,” an award they won at November’s CMAs. Tune in to see how they fare, Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Their sophomore album, Port Saint Joe, comes out next Friday and features the lead single, “Shoot Me Straight.”

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